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How do you think it would feel to be raised knowing that your body was going to be harvested, even if it was for a God? In the novel Unwind by Neal Shusterman, one of the characters changes drastically throughout the book. The book takes place in a future dystopian society where unwinding, a process where children between the ages of 13 and 18 have their body parts are harvested and sold as replacement body parts to other humans, is now a normal part of society. Three runaway unwinds go on a journey to fight for their lives. One of the main characters, Lev, develops greatly throughout the novel by firstly being a holy tithe, then questioning his faith, and eventually realizing that his purpose in life is not to be a tithe.
At the beginning of the novel, Lev is a tithe and believes that it is his destiny to let himself be unwound. He doesn’t believe in doing the wrong thing and tries his best to be honest. He is infuriated when Connor and Risa save him because he still believes that it is his destiny to be tithed and that they are holding him back. Lev says, “It’s no use trying to explain to this godless pair what tithing is all about. How giving one’s self is the ultimate blessing ( Unwind 42).” This quote shows how narrow-minded he is when it comes to seeing what unwinding truly is about. He doesn’t see unwinding as a bad thing, but as a blessing and an honor that he must complete in order to please God. Unlike the other characters who tried to escape their fate, Lev was
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