Literature - Jane Martins 'Rodeo'

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In the opening scene of Jane Martin's "Rodeo," there are many stereotypical props used to portray the beer-drinking, hard-working, cowboy image with the characteristic country music playing as an added touch. Most people are familiar with this type of scene in their minds, with a man as the character, but not this time – we find a tough, smart, opinionated woman with a distinctively country name of Lurlene, and the typical cowboy kind of nickname, Big Eight. The reader will dive deeper into the true character of this unusual woman and realize that she is no different from the average woman in today's workforce. She is feeling the frustration of discrimination and the push out of the only lifestyle that she knows, by "Them" (1667). …show more content…

She is noticing that the "big crowds" (1667) are mostly city people in "designer jeans and day-glo Stetsons," (1667) there "ain't hardly no ranch people, no farm people" (1667) any more. As "they" came into the sport and took over, it was comparable to a small company bought out by a larger company. Once the changes are made, you can adapt to the changes or you can find something else to do. There are no exceptions. This is how Corporate America works. It is interesting to hear a

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