Literature Review Of Phishing : Social Engineering Attacks

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With the beginning of internet, various online attacks have been increased and among them, the most popular attack is phishing. Phishing is an online security attack where the hacker targets in achieving sensitive information like passwords, credit card information etc. from the users by making them to believe what they see is what it is. It is the combination of social engineering and technical methods to convince the user to reveal their personal data. The paper discusses about the Phishing social engineering attack theoretically and their issues in the life of human Beings. At the same time this paper also provides different techniques to detect these attacks so that they can be easily dealt with in case one of them occurs. The paper gives a thorough survey of various Phishing attacks along with their preventive measures.
1. Introduction Phishing can be compared with fishing in a lake, instead of trying to capture fish, phishers goal is to steal your personal information. Phishing being one of the easiest forms of cyber-attack for a criminal to carry out which can provide crucial information of the an individual and the information can be anything like passwords, account numbers, credit card details etc.

Phishing is a serious problem in the progressively limitless service of the internet. There are many ways to trick the people to disclose the information by using social engineering attack. It can take form of spam email, fake

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