The Pros And Cons Of Social Engineering

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Social engineering has caused many problems for different organizations. Because of social engineering many businesses have to take extra steps to protect themselves and their information from being hacked. According to Bidgoli, Social Engineering is a type of attack that takes over the power of human aspects in order to trick the public into declaring confidential information(MIS 7, 2017). This hacking technique has obtained the attention of numerous organizations, businesses, and governments worldwide.
Social Engineers take advantage of humans to gain private information. Once they obtain the information they want they usually break into servers and networks and steal data ( MIS7, 2017). In order to obtain private information, they use many different platforms such as google maps, different websites, and they even use blogs. More so, they can obtain even more sensitive and private information using different techniques like dumpster diving, shoulder surfing, phishing, and pretexting.
Typically the social engineers have a goal and a reason to attack their victims. Most of the time their goal is to defraud funds. Others may do it simply for revenge or for entertainment purposes. Regardless of their objective, social engineering is unethical and can lead to serious consequences. Social engineering is a serious problem. Hackers have attacked many institutions and have taken advantage of their confidential information and have even made fraudulent monetary

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