Literature Review Of Stirling Engine

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Literature Review Since Stirling engines have been around for over 200 years the ways of making them and improving the efficiency has taken many turns. In the early stages of the engine the ability to create highly efficient engines became limited due to technology and materials available. All the sources that I sampled agreed on what a Stirling engine was and what characteristics made them different. A Stirling engine is a heat engine that has the heating and cooling of gas that presses on the pistons moving both the gases and the pistons creating energy (American Stirling Company, n.d). Other articles on Stirling engines agree saying that Stirling engines are a machine that operates in a closed regenerative thermodynamic cycle. The use of Stirling engines is based off the Stirling engine cycle of power (Asnaghi, Ladjevardi, Izadkhast, Kashani, 2012). And then later heat activated cycle engine. Many large companies attempted to use Stirling engines for its advantages (Schimmoller, 2001). Again, another respected article states that the Stirling engine is based on the materials, development, and design of the engine to determine how well it works (Tarawneh, Al-Ghathian, Nawafleh, Al-Kloub, 2010). Then explaining how the Stirling engine works applying an external heat source to a closed cylinder where the cyclical expansion and compression of air inside the cylinder drives the pistons up and down (Helman, 2015) and because the engine is a closed system the expansion

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