Literature Review On Teenage Depression

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A study of national trends in depression among adolescents and young adults published in the journal pediatrics on November 14 found that teen depression jumped from 8.7% in 2005 to 11.5% in 2014 thats a 37 percent increase so in this report i will be talking about the study that was conducted by the AAP news and journal gateways and the article i found it on was times health.
Despite the rise in teen depression the study which analyzed data from the national surveys on drug use and health reported that there really isn’t mental health treatment for adolescents and young adults but there is a growing number of young people who go un-treated or under-treated and for those who did get help, treatment tended to be really intense often involving specialized care or prescribed medication. According to the department of health and human resources more than 3 million adolescents aged 12-17 reported at least one major depressive episode in the past year and more than two million reported to have severe depression that messed up their daily functioning or in other words it affected their schedules.
Anxiety and Depression are affecting kids behavior and their ability to learn which can lead to dropping out or being home schooled, a woman named Ellen Chance is working to get more counselors trained to be able to identify mental health disorders but it wont be easy because thats going to be a lot of kids to check individually and check them to see if they have any mental illness which

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