Literature Review : The New Zealand Curriculum Essay

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Literature Review

Assessment in Mathematics
The New Zealand Curriculum [NZC], The New Zealand Curriculum Mathematics Standards for Years 1-8 and the New Zealand Number Framework form a continuum of learning progression throughout Years 1 – 8 and beyond. Deciding where a student is placed on these paradigms and the formation of effective subsequent future learning goals is bound to the use of appropriate assessment in the classroom. Effective assessment will involve and benefit students whilst supporting teaching goals; the components will be planned and communicated, suited to a specific purpose, have fairness, and hold validity in result (Ministry of Education [MOE], 2007).

Neill & Fisher (2010) state “when we assess something we want to know its value” (p.307) as pertaining to knowledge, skills, understanding, attitudes and beliefs at any given point and time in order to improve both learning and teaching. Effective assessment in mathematics involves the triangulated use of relevant summative, formative and diagnostic tools with emphasis placed on how an assessment tool is used; indicating the consideration of applicability to the learner, as apposed to which actual tool is chosen (Mills, 2015). The MOE (2015) advises the judicious use of assessment tools to locate challenges in student understanding, informs Overall Teacher Judgment and provides evidence for accountability purposes.

Summative assessment is a valid reporting tool for accountability
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