Ctlls 003 Assessment

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Key Concepts and the Principles of Assessment “Assessment focuses on the learners’ performance. It is about measuring achievement, both ongoing (formative) and at the end of the programme (summative).” Wallace. S (2007: 118) Assessment is a process through which we gauge a learners level and progression, ensuring learning is taking place and the learner is developing their skills and knowledge. Susan Wallace recognises the importance of assessment as more than a means of determining learner achievement but also “as an indicator of the quality of learning.” (2007: 119) discussing the need for ‘ongoing assessment’ to evaluate how receptive learners are to the lessons. The key concepts of assessment, as outlined by Reece and Walker,…show more content…
Lastly, Ipsative assessment is the self-assessment process undertaken by the learner to assess their own learning and achievements from the course/programme. This also identifies any needs a learner may have for the future if they are to progress further and again act as feedback to the tutor to develop and adjust the course/programme for future learners. Ipsative assessment can be supported by the teacher or conducted independently by the learner. Evaluation of Assessment Methods The importance of selecting appropriate assessment methods suitable to a course/programme is noted by Jonathan Tummons as a freedom of choice by the tutor which will vary according to context (2011: 49). Initial assessment methods for example will be dependent upon the level of entry and the type of course/study of programme. For a practical course such as Silversmithing and Jewellery Design it would be appropriate to set a practical task to assess a learners level and competency within the workshop, establishing their suitability. However, for students applying for a beginners course where they are expected to be introduced to working with metal, a practical task would be an unfair assessment and therefore an interview would be more appropriate to meet the prospective learner, gauge any
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