Literature Review : an Investigation Into the Push and Pull Factors That Influenced Students’ Decision to Study at Glasgow University

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An investigation into the push and pull factors that influenced students’ decision to study at Glasgow University


The student intake at the University of Glasgow has increased from 23,310 to 26,550 from 2006-2011 (HESA, 2011), indicating a positively inclined student decision to study at the university. The decision making process is a complex process made by the student intentionally or unintentionally (Moogan and Baron, 2003). This process is stimulated by “Push” factors related to home country and “Pull” factors related to host country (Mazzoral and Soutar, 2002). In order to understand the student market, it is necessary to have knowledge of student choice and decision making process (Vaira, …show more content…

Choice in higher education can be categorised into four theories. The structural models which explain choice on the lines of socio-economic and institutional limitations laid on students while making a decision (Kinzie et al, 2004; Gambetta, 1996; Roberts, 1984 and Ryrie, 1981). The economic theories rely on accurate calculation regarding education (Becker, 1975). The next theory lay importance on networking influence, Hodkinson et al. (1996) and Hemsley-Brown (2001) provides in-depth analysis of how important personality and judgement are in choice and decision making process. The theory by Foskett and Hemsley-Brown (2001) is concerned with three element that influence choice which are social, economic and cultural issues; influencers on choice and finally personality. Therefore the mentioned theories are very beneficial to the research as they focus on issues affecting student’s choice for higher education which can be associated to undergraduate and post-graduate students in University of Glasgow and consequently their decision making.

Factors Influencing Student Decision
Students today look out for more information to make abreast decisions which leads them to consider more factors influencing their decision (Moogan and Baron, 2003). These factors take into account the different attributes of choice decisions (Kallio, 1995). The existing research have recognized the following factors that influence student’s

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