Lithotripsy Research Paper

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Lithotripsy is a medical method in which shock waves are used to break up stones in the kidney and the urinary bladder. After the procedure is successfully completed, the stones pass out from your urine in the form of small molecules.


In this procedure, you will first have to wear a hospital gown, and lie on an examination table. Beneath you a soft water filled cushion is placed. Pain will be managed through pain killer tablets or injections, whatever the practitioner finds suitable for you.

In some hospitals, general anesthesia is given to the patients before the procedure so that they may not feel pain and be unaware of the procedure. The procedure is not that painful though but still some patients prefer to be in an unconscious …show more content…

These stones may be very painful if proper treatment is not taken. They may also cause wear and tear of the organ within your body. The procedure of lithotripsy prolongs from half an hour to one hour and you are relieved of the stones in your body.

When is lithotripsy necessary:

Your practitioner or urologist may prescribe you lithotripsy in acute cases. If you experience any bleeding in your blood, if you have occasional urinary tract infections, your kidney is being damaged (which can be seen in an ultrasound exam), or you experience severe pain in the left or right abdominal area, your urologist will most probably prescribe you this procedure which will provide you relief from the painful condition.

Kidney stones may be removed by other procedures as well if you don’t want to have lithotripsy done. You can always go for surgery, or tube suction. These procedures are safe but they increase the risk of infections in the body.

Risk …show more content…

But there are certain risk factors which you should take care of and tell your doctor before hand. There are possible complications which should be foretold by your doctor. These include bleeding around the kidney because of stone breakage, kidney infection, if pieces of stones are left in your kidney or if there are ulcers in your stomach or intestines. There are chances that the breaking stones might hinder the flow of urine from the kidney to the bladder which is very painful. You should be ready for these inconveniences but your doctor will be able to solve these issues pretty

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