Little Miss Sunshine Essay

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Little Miss Sunshine – Essay Little Miss Sunshine directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, is about a family whose cross country journey to the Little Miss Sunshine child beauty pageant teaches them, and the viewer, that real life is about relationships and that these are more important than simplistic notions of winning or losing. Richard Hoover is the character who most exemplifies this message as he eventually recognises that his family and life cannot be defined by his ‘Refuse to Lose’ motivational programme. At the beginning of the movie we are shown an opening sequence introducing the main characters in the movie. We are briefly introduced to each character’s situation and the goals they are trying to achieve but we soon …show more content…

As they are travelling Richard gets a phone call from Stan Grossman, a business man he made a deal with so he can earn something from his motivational programme. Richard loses him so he stops over at a petrol station and calls him. Richard is excited at first but his facial expressions change drastically, Richard finds out that he isn’t successful with his programme and that he didn’t get the deal. This comes as a shock to Richard as he tried really hard with his programme. In the bus Edwin goes to Richard and tells him that he is proud of him. The camera cuts to a two shot of Edwin and Richard, this shows that Richard and Edwin connect and start to unite. This is also emphasized by violins and cellos playing a sombre tune in the background. They stop over at a motel to spend the night, Richard and Sheryl start arguing about what their problems and they didn’t get any money from the deal. Richard decided to go to Scottsdale and meet up with Stan Grossman, we see Richard trying to push the bus all by himself. This shows us the obstacles Richard is facing, this is also emphasized by the background music which sounds like slow carnival music which reminds us of a sad clown. As Richard is traveling on the highway he looks small and ridiculous travelling on a small scooter on a huge highway, he doesn’t fit in the picture. A sign on the road says Scottsdale 23 miles; this again shows the obstacles that Richard has to face by

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