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Little Miss Sunshine is a movie about a dysfunctional (yet oddly supportive) family’s road trip from hell. This extended family consists of a mother, father, her son from a previous relationship, daughter, uncle and grandfather. This film was released August 18, 2006 and won two Oscars for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role (Alan Arkin) and Best Writing, Original Screenplay. Abigail Breslin was nominated for her portrayal of Olive. Little Miss Sunshine was also nominated for Best Motion Picture of the Year. The film was nominated and awarded over 40 various awards. The Hoovers are a unique group, but they put the fun into dysfunctional.
Grandpa Hoover, portrayed by Alan Arkin, is a heroin addicted, …show more content…

The relationship between her and Richard is strained by financial issues, as well as Sheryl’s need to take care of everyone.
Frank is the brother of Sheryl, and he has just been released from a hospital after attempting suicide. He was jilted by a lover, lost his job and was passed over for an award that was awarded to his ex-lover’s current boyfriend. He repeatedly reminds everyone is the “foremost scholar of Proust”.
Dwayne is the teenage son of Sheryl and he has taken a vow of silence until he is accepted into the Air Force Academy to fulfill his dream of being a pilot. He communicates with a pen and pad – including telling Uncle Frank – “Welcome to Hell.” He reads Nietzsche and “hates everybody”.
Olive is the glue that holds everyone together. She was the runner up in a beauty contest while visiting her aunt and they get a call that the winner is unable to compete in the finals, and Olive and family are off to California for her to compete. Olive and Grandpa have been working on her totally inappropriate but hilarious dancing routine that she performs at the pageant. Olive loves and accepts everyone as they are her family adores her.
The still that I am analyzing is of Dwayne realizing and processing the fact that he is colorblind and will not be able to be a pilot. He has just broken his vow of silence by repeatedly screaming an obscenity while running away from the VW bus. Richard had pulled over to the side and the bus was parked on the shoulder of

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