Little Red Riding Hood Metaphors

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Everyone knows the story of Little Red Riding Hood; there are some different versions all around the world. In my childhood, Little Red Riding Hood was a tale of a little girl who loved wearing a red riding hood, went to visit her sick grandma alone. On her way to grandma's house, a big wolf came and followed her, then ate both the grandma and little girl. At last, a passing hunter killed the wolf and opened his stomach, saved the grandma and little girl's lives. In my country, this story is used to teach children to have a sense of safety awareness and not to listen to random strangers. However, based on the feminine situations in China, I see this story through a cruel viewing angle. The story I am about to retell next doesn't represent my ideal society, but somehow is the reflection of my civilization. Once upon the time, there…show more content…
However, Little Red Riding Hood did not follow her mother's request, which means Little Red Riding Hood broke and went against the norms of conduct. The wood forest represents the dangerous and unpredictable society in reality. The big wolf represents the criminal who takes advantages of young girls. The ugly old hunter represents the bottom people in the society whom can be the only object for female victims to rely upon. In the end, Little Red Riding Hood was saved by the ugly old hunter and married him, which implies marriage is the only way out for young girls from mistakes and corruption. This story was made up based on the current Chinese social background. This Sinicism ideological value might be controversial according to people who have different cultures, however, this story can directly reflect the feminine situation in current Chinese
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