Living In 21St Century United States, Being A Much More

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Living in 21st century United States, being a much more liberal and inclusive environment (generally speaking) than prior decades, gender “roles” and their normalities are being severely questioned and challenged. Americans have defined and established gender stereotypes that have become a critical part of how we look at gender roles and create biases about each gender. Stereotypes assume people who 'belong ' to a group will appear, behave, look, speak or sound like others from that group. The values, norms, practices, behaviors and traditions associated with the group are shared by all members of the group. For example, gay men are promiscuous, women are maternal and men don 't show emotions. Stereotypes are often dismissive, negative,…show more content…
While women make up 46.6% of the Fortune 500 workforce and 51.4% of middle management, according to Catalyst, in these companies they represent only 14.1% of executive officers, 7.5% of the highest paid and only 4% of CEO’s Despite the fact that women have a foot in the door with 4% of all CEO positions of the Fortune 500, the rest of their frame is stuck in the entry level, which is 46.6% of the Fortune 500 workforce. The difference is not in men and women; it is in masculine vs. feminine ways of thinking and acting. Both men and women incorporate masculine and feminine approaches (Forbes). The feminine and masculine approach is typically how the prototypical female and male think and act. In terms of ambition and success, the masculine perspective is who has more of it; the more, the better and occasionally having power over others. The female perspective is built around is more about how power is shared. Role and rank matter less; the preferred structure is a network. Ambition from a masculine perspective is about competition and winning. It is about getting to the top of the heap, to the “Alpha” position in a hierarchy (Forbes). These approaches can be devastating, potentially undermining women’s capacity to lead, and create obstacles en-route to women’s career advancement. History has continued to reinforce of the quintessential Alpha continuously having to be a male. Rewinding twenty million year ago, the
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