Living In A Tipi Short Story

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Living in a Tipi It was 1973. I was twenty-one, living in Vancouver, and working as a nanny. I had lived in Toronto for three years after graduating high school in Sudbury, Ontario. In my last story, “Going West and Coming Home,” I described my previous adventures. Vancouver is a fantastic city, but I think, at heart, I’m more of a country gal. One day, my old friend Dik Budd (from Toronto) called and invited me to visit him in Merville, on Vancouver Island. So, off I went, on a ferry over to Naniamo. I could not believe the size of the ocean or Vancouver Island. After what seemed to me a very long bus ride, we arrived in Courtenay. The bus depot was on the main street, and I made my way to meet up with Dik and his friends at the Courtenay …show more content…

Dik, who was small guy, had the perfect home. Like a hobbit house, it had a wood stove and was warm and cozy. A lot of time was spent carrying water and splitting wood. We all played baseball and drank homemade beer and wine. Everything tasted delicious. The gardens produced wonderful vegetables and even small, sweet casaba melons. We all appreciated the fruits of our labours. It was late summer, and there were huge blackberries, salmonberries, and huckleberries. Dik fished for trout and salmon in river. During my visit, Dik’s friend Vicky asked me if I’d like to take care of two little girls, Tara and West, while she worked. I could live with them in their tipi. Well, why not? So, I went back to Vancouver, packed up, and returned to start my new life. I knew then that I’d be on Vancouver Island forever. Vicky’s tipi was quite spacious. There was a wooden floor on which sat two beds, two dressers, a toy box, and a shelf for books. Sleeping there evoked ancient memories. We mostly cooked on fires outside. We all joined together around a big fire at night and made music or told jokes. Tara, who was five, and West, who was three, were adorable, blonde, blue-eyed girls. They were easy to take care of. Vicky would get up early in the morning and fetch water and wood to cook breakfast. Then, she would get ready for work at her office job in Courtenay. She would put on a tidy skirt and jacket, nylons, and high heels and head to work in her old

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