Living with the Extreme Fear Created by Anxiety Disorders Essay

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Anxiety disorders are mental disorders caused by extreme or severe anxiety often caused by overwhelming worries, fears, and stress. Phobic disorder, commonly known as phobia, is a type of anxiety disorder wherein the individual acquires an excessive and irrational fear of a particular object or situation, with the fear being out of proportion to the real threat. “The word [phobia] is derived from Phobos, the Greek god of fear, whose likeness was painted on masks and shields to frighten enemies in battle.” (Passer and Smith 537) Jennifer Ong defines phobia as a heightened sense of fear. Also, according to her, psychologists assert that the fears in phobia are usually based on irrational grounds.

A fear develops into a phobia when a …show more content…

The situations mentioned may indicate being involved in situations wherein escape is difficult or impossible (Gazzaniga et al. 536). According to Jennifer Ong, individuals with agoraphobia have a fear of leaving their homes or place of security. A person with this phobia fears to be alone in places wherein he thinks that his life will be at risk like bridges, crowded stores, and busy streets. In these situations, individuals would need the accompaniment of a family member or friend, since no one can predict when a panic attack can occur. Besides this, based on distribution, it is more common for women to suffer from agoraphobia than men. (Magee, 1996)

The second type of phobic disorder is social phobia. According to John Santrock, “Social phobia is an intense fear of being humiliated or embarrassed in social situations. Individuals with this phobia are afraid that they will say or do the wrong thing.” Those with this phobia are afraid of being judged and evaluated negatively and of being made fun of. According to Ong, they fear groups of people, individuals, or specific situations. This phobia includes fear of speaking in public or being under scrutiny. It is sometimes referred to as stage fright. Fear of public speaking is said to be the most common kind of social phobia. Social phobia hinders the affected persons to socialize with others. The said individuals may be excessively self-conscious and

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