Locking Up Immigrants For Profit

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Professor Kaufman
English 102
25th November 2014
Locking up Immigrants for Profit
There is a saying in America; two wrongs don’t make a right! But when money comes into the picture it seems Americans become blind sighted in regards to what is fair treatment, and how far to go for the purpose of wealth. Immigrants have been living and working in this country for hundreds of years legally and illegally. However, post 911 brought on the war on drugs and the war against illegal immigration. The Bush Administration would focus on protecting and securing our borders. Soon it would become big business to crack down on the illegals. State and federal prisons allow private for profit prisons to take over immigrant prisons because they can handle the work load better, build prisons faster, and run them more cost efficient. But do the immigrants deserve to be taken off their jobs, taken away from their family and go to prison? Do they deserve to not only be deported, but to do hard labor, in prison while serving a sentence for a crime? The majority of people speaking out on this topic are for the prisons being built, usually because local economies are suffering with high unemployment rates. But citizens don’t hear the histories of these companies, the treatment the immigrants have to endure, and the issues their families are left with. Americans don’t know about the scandals, the abuse, and the harassment individual’s encounter inside the prisons. As Americans continue to allow for…
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