Logic And Reasons In Shirley Jackson's The Lottery

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Most every person who began to read “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson, thought the first few pages described a whimsical village tradition of gathering, games, and boring old decision making. Almost every person who finished “The Lottery” realized how wrong they were. When reading back and making notes one comes to ask a few questions like “How can people do such a terrible thing because of a lottery?” and “Why did the lottery even begin? What drove its creation?”. To answer the questions posed by the readers of this fictional story one must use a fair amount of imagination, logic, psychology, and using the tool of putting oneself into anothers shoes. But even then the readers thirst for exposition will never be quenched, as the main point for the stories lacking of it is to make the backround a non-issue so the reader focuses on and analyzes everything that the writer has chosen to present. Hope should not be given up though, as questioning readers are able to deviate from the authors intended purpose of leaving the story without a backround, and create something entirely of their own, which may be able to explain why the lottery began using The Literary Laws of Speculation. The first speculation of why the lottery began starts with one word: control. The ancestors of the villagers most likely did not present the concept of the lottery in a straightforward manner. Instead they probably snuck the ritual in with a little thing, perhaps the winner of the lottery had to

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