Logical Fallacies. Logical Fallacies Can Be Found In Many

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Logical Fallacies Logical Fallacies can be found in many forms of persuasions, in infomercials, political debates, common discussion, everywhere. Although Logical Fallacies are very common, they mar our arguments and should be avoided. In order to avoid them we must first learn to recognize them. To fully understand Logical Fallacies, we will look at the definition of Logical Fallacies, some examples of Logical Fallacies, classifications of Logical Fallacies, and finally why we should, and how we can, avoid them. In simplest form, Logical Fallacies are fallacious arguments, fallacious meaning logically unsound or misleading. However a more in depth understanding can be constructed from three definitions for Logical Fallacies. The first is…show more content…
Schmidt’s article, On Classifications of Fallacies including the author’s own classification system. Although they all attempted to classify the complicated Logical Fallacies, most of the philosophers presented in On Classifications of Fallacies agreed that there was no definite way to classify Logical Fallacies. The classification of Logical Fallacies was first tackled in 350 B.C., by Greek philosopher Aristotle, and continues to be tackled, as philosophers search for a better way to define them. In general Logical Fallacies are defined by where the logic goes wrong, however one philosopher, Ronald Munson, attempted to classify them according to what type of argument they “support” (Schmidt). No matter the way the classification system is drawn there is always Fallacies that crossover into multiple categories. Any classification system that eliminates crossovers is too complex to fulfil the purpose of a classifying, which is to simplify. The classifications found in Schmidt’s article On Classifications of Fallacies, attempt to create formal classification systems, however in our pursuit of understanding Logical Fallacies a simple working classification will do fine. The Purdue Owl article, Logical Fallacies, provides a simple classification, “Fallacies can be either illegitimate arguments or irrelevant points” (Weber). From my understanding illegitimate argument Logical Fallacies rely on faulty evidence or misrepresented evidence to support

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