Logistics And Supply Chain Management

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Logistics and supply chain management is an important aspect of a firm’s strategy for the business to achieve success by creating value throughout the logistics and supply chain. The research paper will outline the concepts that are involved in creating the logistics and supply management framework. The logistics and supply chain management strategies will drive success for the company towards fulfilling and supporting customer needs, procurement and manufacturing operations of the firm.
This research project is significant and important because it will allow the company to identify gaps in the supply chain as well as opportunities to improve on the logistics and supply chain. The complete operation of the firm is integrated from acquired …show more content…

John’s, NL and operates out of 10,000 square foot building. The building consists of manufacturing plant, warehouse, sales, distribution and corporate office. The building has a top of the line freezer and cooler that is able to store inventory and raw materials.
The company manufactures ground beef and cured beef products. The company sells and distributes its products to supermarkets, local food stores as well as direct sale and deliveries to customers from our warehouse and distribution center.
The company has approximately sixty members on staff which includes sales, operations and marketing team. DRT Food Manufacturing and Distribution Limited represents 20% of the market. The major categories of our product line include:
• Cured Navel Beef
• Cured Pork Riblets
• Ground Beef
DRT Food Manufacturing and Distribution Company is dedicated to providing safe quality beef products to our customers. The manufacturing and distribution arm is totally committed to meeting customer requirements in a fast, efficient and timely manner through our state of the art manufacturing, warehouse and distribution facility.
The goal of DRT Food Manufacturing and Distribution Company is to provide high quality product to our customers in an efficient and cost effective manner thereby providing value to our logistics and supply chain.
To provide efficient and timely delivery of our products through superior quality customer service at

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