Essay Lois Lowry's Use of Allusion Throughout The Giver

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The author Lois Lowry grew up all around the world when she was a child due to her dad being in the U.S. Army. Since father was a dentist in the army and traveled the world she had gone to many countries which inspired her writing. At one point she had lived in Tokyo where she went to an American school on the base during her junior high years. One of her literary works later in her life is, The Giver, which had won a Newbery Award. In The Giver, the setting is a utopian society where the characters have no feelings, no memories, and no choices that they are able to make on their own. The names of the characters also have hidden meanings and relations behind them using allusion to recreate a religous matter along with how the novel …show more content…

A utopian society is to be though of perfect or idealistic. The charcters in the book have no feelings, no choices, and no memories other thhan their own life. The Giver and Jonas are the only two with memories since their job is to be the holder of them and Jonas stops taking his medication to no longer interfearing with his body that gives him feelings. All others do not have any emotional attachments. The community decides all of your life’s plan. They choose your spose, your career, and you are not able to have your own children. If you want children you have to apply and a child will be given to you if you are accepted. The Giver and Jonas are the only ones with memories from the past that go back hundreds before the community was a utopian societ and other communities and how they live. The only memories the people in the community are allowed to have are their own lives but thneir lives are controlled by the committee of elders. This give the people of the community teh benefit of never feeling pain but they have no freedom which is almost as if they live in a comunity with a dictatorship. Lowry uses the literary elements allusion and setting to express the theme thst memories and choice are worth the pain they might sometimes bring. There will always be a proice to pay when you have something that is wonderful and extremely special. Somethings no one should ever be able to take away from you such as being yourself and being

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