Too Much Sacrifice in The Giver by Lois Lowry

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This fact has been shown throughout The Giver. The community decides to sacrifice many things to come to Sameness. Pain, individuality and love are among many things that they have sacrificed (Lowry 124). These sacrifices made the community Jonas lived in seemingly perfect; there is no hunger, no war, no pain, no one will ever be alone. But, a perfect community is completely unrealistic. That is why they have The Giver, the person that knows all the imperfections of the society and help the society to achieve perfection.
To create a perfect society, they first eliminate pain. The community eliminates factors that causes pain such as war, destruction, weather, emotional attachment, and has relief-of-pain medicines everywhere around the community to treat injuries. Even in our world, people try to avoid pain, and thinks that not feeling pain is good. In fact, feeling pain is good for you. If you feel pain after doing an activity, then you know you are not fit to do it and shouldn’t do it again as you might injure yourself. Hunger and poverty is a big issue in our world, and millions of people died from it every year. Due to Climate Control, crops don’t get destroy so there is lots of food for everyone and thus, no hunger (Lowry 111). Everyone is given their assignment by the time they’re a Twelve. This guarantees no one is unemployed, meaning no poverty. Pain is not only physical, it’s also emotional. The…

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