Loma Linda University Student Enrolment Analysis

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If I am accepted to the Loma Linda University, I am willing to abide by the lifestyle policies of the University during my enrolment. I have read the values and lifestyle statement, and I agree with all the statements provided. I agree that faith, chapel, religion courses, Sabbath, healthfulness, and professional appearance are all very important which I should obey and follow. Throughout my entire life, I have been to different types of school and I am already used to respecting the rich diversity of faiths among my class mates and the faculties. I love learning about the rich diversity of faiths which are found in this world, it help me learn more about the differences and help me to become more open minded in accepting the diversity of faiths …show more content…

I also grew up with parents who has different type of religions. Therefore, I believe that religion courses is one of the important course that I should take. It will help improve my learning and help me to integrate more with my faith. As a Seventh-day Adventist, Sabbath is something that I am familiar with. My mom have thought me in how to keep the Sabbath holy. Sabbath is a day provided for rest, therefore every single Friday evening until sundown on Saturday I use this time for rest. I usually go to the Adventist Youth program with my church members and enjoy God’s creation every Sabbath. There are other times where we would also combine youths with another church. Sabbath is really important for me because it help set aside my busy life and use this as my time of rest and reflection. As someone who is perusing medical field, I view health as something really important. I never been expose to alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs my entire life. I feel that these substances can harm our body and can bring negative impacts to our life. I believe that our body is the temple of God, therefore I think that we should not harm the temple that God has provided for …show more content…

People often judge one another base on their appearance, therefore to have professional appearance is one of the most important thing to keep in workplace or wherever you go. If I am accepted to Loma Linda University, I am willing to abide by the lifestyle policies of the

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