Lombrozo's Use Of Ambiguous Language

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While ambiguous language can be seen as a hindrance, many often believe it benefits media to explain information as clearly as possible for a wide range of audiences. This may seem as if it is a double negative describing “vague language” as being clear, however, vague language is often tied with language sensitivity to describe tragic events and are said to benefit the audience. Vagueness and sensitivity in media may be beneficial as they are aware that some audiences may be “sensitive” to some information, especially tragedies in which deaths have occurred. By utilizing vagueness to describe events, the audience may receive the story to the tragic event in a clear and concise way. In his "On the political possibilities of therapy news: Media…show more content…
In her “Stuff Happens, And The Way We Talk About It Matters," Tania Lombrozo discusses the many events in American media history that led officials to use vague and imprecise language when describing events. While all these events ranged from shootings, “wardrobe malfunctions”, and studies, each have the common theme of being labeled as accidents through the manipulation of language. More specifically, Lombozo emphasizes the linguistic maneuvers as being intentional since they clear the responsibility of involved parties in happenings. To further her point, she clarifies how an event can be described and interpreted multiple…show more content…
In particular, George Orwell’s “Politics and the English Language” discusses how over the course of time, English language has slowly degraded into a new form in which we as a collective lack precision of language. Orwell also notes that “staleness of imagery” has depreciated across many mediums of writing. As these two qualities act upon each other, one is left with a bland piece of writing which lacks any sort of creativity, but also affects how one may perceive such writing. Without these traits, many may use generic phrases as metaphors which completely lack any sort of concreteness Further, Orwell discusses such consequences of vague language in
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