London Fire Research Paper

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The city of London was a place of prosperity, a city that connected many people to others from around the world was a little more dangerous than people were lead on to believe. On 1666 a bakery caught fire during the night and fire spread quickly throughout the city of London. Lasting multiple days the it was one of the most destruction fires in the history of the world. The fire of London destroyed countless acers of land, but upon the destruction it allowed for reconstruction of the city, showed how it affected the world and who was being blamed for the fire. A time that would lead to great improvements that would be lasting effects even to this day.
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During the time period design of cities and how they were built and what they were built of always had some risk to it, the cities of the time they were closely packed built of wood and other flammable materials. Which was the exact reason London and everything around it was burned to the ground the way it was. After the fire was put out it was time to make some changes and that is when the “Rebuilding Act of 1667 outlawed timber buildings; all structures were to be built of brick or stone” (“The Great Fire of London” 3). This law put in place would change the world for when old cities were taken down and rebuilt this rebuilding act would dictate what they were made of and how the buildings were placed. It moved the world a step closer becoming what it is today moving away for old traditions and ways of building. It created in a sense a building revolution for large cities around the world. With all the damage that was done people were low on money and lost almost anything they could not get out of their homes in time. Now and days people turn to a system called insurance to regain lost money. So people were looking for a way to get back on their feet but “the fire destroyed more than 13,000 homes at a time when insurance did not exist” (Davies Which the idea of insurance at the time

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