Lone Bower : Personal Experience In The Lone Ranger

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I have a strong personality. I am bold, fearless, and walk with confidence. Words like “strong-willed,” “stubborn,” and “aggressive” have been used to describe me. Challenging or dangerous situations typically compel me not denture me. This coincides with the strength of belief. In other words, you cannot shake my faith. God designed me this way for a purpose, a purpose that most people see as abnormal. I have been shunned by teachers in school, management in workplaces, and leaders and congregants in the church. I have been called a lone ranger, wild stallion, clown, and someone who dances to the beat of his own drum. School was great and teachers usually like me, until I would work past the assigned work in the workbook. Getting ahead of everyone so I didn’t have homework was my goal, but this was not following directions. The title of Lone Ranger fits well in this circumstance. I would like to think I have always been a great employee, but that is not true. My wife often makes fun of me. She says rules don’t apply to Kris Bowers. As an employee, I would find ways to bend the rules to fit me or to make my job easier. My extensive knowledge of flooring helped me land a job at a major home improvement store. For the most part I liked working for this company. The store management got wind of me giving people insight on how to save money and they did not like that. Apparently, they would rather me up sale customers and lie to them than being someone with

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