Loneliness And Pain With A Drizzle Of Mixed Emotions About Life

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Heartache and pain with a drizzle of mixed emotions about life as an independent woman is what Kate Chopin was confronted with and it is what she wrote about in her short stories. We are talking about a woman before her time that challenged all to see the world through representations of reality. She was able to see the world for what it was during a difficult time for people of color and women battling to have equal rights. Repeatedly, she wrote about death, exotic thoughts, superficial love and real life issues however, the stories she wrote often portrayed some form of the life events and struggles that she in fact faced herself. As a young girl Kate was exposed to, and witnessed many events that helped to influence her unique writing …show more content…

But I know it isn’t true. I know he says that to please me. And mamma,” she added drawing on her mother’s head down to her, and whispers “he hasn’t punished one of them – not one of them- since the baby was born (pg. 422&423 American Literature.) In comparison this relates to Kate’s real life events with the region in which she lived, the social class of her real life husband and slavery. When Kate was nineteen she married Oscar Chopin whom was a successful cotton broker, and over the next ten years she and Oscar had children and this seemed to have brought joy to Kate and Oscar’s life. (pg. 420 American Literature) This seems to be a similar story line in both Desiree and Kate’s life. They both met and married a successful man, they both lived in Louisiana, have a child or children and seem to be happy. Even though Kate’s and Desiree’s story seem to take a different turn of events for a moment in time there are items that need to be brought to light. Kate brings the area of Louisiana to life when she describes the “ the sad looking place, which had not known the gentle presence of a women and how the steep roof came down and looked like a cowl.” Big, solemn oaks that grew close to the house that shadowed the home like a pall (pg. 422 American Literature) Kate witnessed this area in great detail and she was able to make this portion of the story so believable that while reading this section, the vision is brought to life. If Kate had not observe the land of

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