Long Term Care Facilities Offer Nursing Care

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Long term care facilities offer nursing care in homelike environment. Some priorities in these facilities are to provide quality of life and quality of care. Health care workers handle and move patients. One of the biggest challenges in these facilities is patients’ fall prevention. These staffs’ jobs focus in maintaining patients’ safety in long term care facilities. Patients safety will be improve by increasing staffing supervision, training staffs on proper handling of medical equipment and using the less restrictive measures. Staffs must be educated and trained in how to supervise residents without interfering patients’ privacy and to work with equipment and patients without harming them. Safety measures must be used with the only intension of protect patients and provide a safe environment.

Patients’ safety and quality of care will get better with increasing the number of staffing and their supervision in health care facilities. Facilities that have being understaffed are usually affected by patients’ satisfaction and their safety resulting in an increased of adverse incidents. These facilities are placing patients’ lives at risk. According to Bowers, Lauring, and Jacobson, (2001) many long term care facilities have conceptualized number of staffing as a number and not as the better quality of care that they could provide. Patients in long term care facility will have less incidents that can compromise their safety when there is high number of staffing…
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