Long Term Consequences Of Child Abuse Essay

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Long-Term Consequences of Child Abuse
Child abuse has infested the United States of America; it is now more common than ever before, and sometimes it may not be known that this issue is occurring. In most cases, it is obvious to the child and sometimes to his surrounding support; although in few cases, the child may not be capable of comprehending the issue at hand to further tell and report the situation (Shi 198). There is an error in the method used to study how often child abuse occurs. The problem is that this method still lacks a step to be able to understand the horrendous experience that children endure (Shi 198).
Child maltreatment is a sensitive subject to many. Child maltreatment is basically known as any type of abuse affecting the child. It is only defined as follows: the child is left with potential harm of health, developmental and survival processes, or behavioral dignity in relationships and trust (Norman 2). The issue of child abuse has negatively affected numerous home lives. This situation will affect each child differently, and children could be left with permanent and long-term damage (Norman 2). Children who have experienced abuse continue to hurt by experiencing long term physical, societal, psychological, and behavioral effects to deal with for years to come and quite possibly the rest of their lives.
What are the Basic Areas of Long-Term Consequences?
The basic areas of long-term consequences include: physical effects, psychological

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