Looking Around A Room, Any Room Really, Apart From Perhaps

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Looking around a room, any room really, apart from perhaps a room where there are high school students taking the SAT or possibly a church service, you are likely to see some, if not most of the people in that room on their phones. I am not excluded from those people. I am perpetually on my phone, whether it is to text my boss, call my mother, or see what that acquaintance from that one class I took one year in high school is posting on their Instagram or Snapchat for the fourth time today. My phone is an essential part of most parts of my life. From work, to having something to look at while I’m bored, or procrastinating, I almost always have it with me. If I am in a new, uncomfortable situation, I will likely be checking my phone to …show more content…

A normal study time for me would undoubtedly be interrupted by my phone numerous times. I had less distraction which led to getting much more done. Maybe I should start turning my phone off every time I work on school. (Maybe I should listen to my parents and teachers more). While there were many benefits I encountered while not having my phone, there were some things some might be considered inconveniences. Smart phones really are smart. There are so many gadgets in that little device that I take for granted. I found myself missing it when I was trying to cook dinner one night and needed to look up a recipe. Thankfully my roommate is a much more natural cook than me so I could just ask her for help. I also couldn’t google simple things that come to mind. I am an awful speller; Google is very helpful with things like that. Not having a phone also meant not having a flashlight in my pocket at all times, or having a clock on me. I didn’t think about purchasing a watch before I started this “Going Without” project. A phone has other gadgets such as a calculator, which I didn’t miss too much, but if I’d gone without for say a week I’m sure I would have missed it. I also use my phone to check the weather every day. This is Charleston, I need to know if it’s going to randomly start raining. But I didn’t know, and I survived. Throughout my 48 hours of going without I had many people say “text me later”, or ask “did you see my

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