Looking Backward Analysis

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In the novel Looking Backward, by Edward Bellamy, a newly discovered vision of the future is placed into a mind of a man 100 years before its time. The nineteenth century experienced strife and confusion as to where the future was headed. The time period was a major stepping stone for the end of reconstruction. The workforce was ever-changing, making the economy very competitive. The answer to these problems in Bellamy’s eyes was equality. In Looking Backward, he presented to his audience his idea of a perfect society. In his novel, Bellamy describes Julian West as a wealthy, high class individual in his time period. In the late nineteenth century, the nation’s economy faced retrenchment and did not experience improvement that was expected. The populist movement was prevalent in the nineteenth century. The people put it upon themselves to work for what they have. In the Omaha platform is states, “Wealth belongs to him who creates it, and every dollar taken from industry without an equivalent is robbery. If any will not work, neither shall he eat. The interests of rural and civic labor are the same; their enemies are identical” (Populist Platform, Sec.2). The workforce is designed for people to be able to provide for themselves and their family. Wealth is put upon those who are willing to work. In the society that Bellamy depicts, everyone receives the same amount of credit for different kinds of work. West is baffled by this concept. Bellamy discusses a concept in the

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