Social Reform In Edward Bellamy's Looking Backward

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Analysis of Looking Backward by Edward Bellamy
For decades, Looking Backward has been an influential novel since it focuses on the idea of social reform. The novel’s publication was in 1888 during an era when most Americans were afraid of violence associated with the working class. Another relevant aspect that disgusted a majority of individuals in public was the idea that conspicuous consumption is only for the privileged minorities in the American society. Intense demonstrations commenced following the emergence of labor unions, as well as large trusts that became a central factor in the nation’s economy. Arguably, the author managed to make the novel extraordinarily popular among the middle-class by painting a portrait of Americans who behold the possibilities of a desirable future.
From the ideas shared in the novel, it is evident that the writer defines his ideal society in the form of an antithesis of existing society. The author takes the initiative of informing the American population - using the novel’s romantic medium - on matters concerning individualism, which is notable in an argument by Andrew Carnegie who claims …show more content…

The thoughts and ideology shared by the novelist suggest that the federal government was responsible for the conversion of the nation to an opulent barracks. The theories shared by Bellamy are influential since their validity seems to have been accepted by various non-economists. In a statement made by Bellamy, he claimed, “in the United States there was not, after the beginning of the last quarter of the century, any opportunity whatever for individual enterprise in any important field of industry” (Bellamy 76). Through this statement, Bellamy assessed the future possibilities that surrounded the United

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