Looking For A Place To Live

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Critical Evaluation When people look for a place to live in they consider multiple factors. One of these may be the safety of one’s own being, their freedom from danger. In addition, the laws that govern a certain place. Others look into the jobs they offer, question if they’re going to provide enough money to be able to maintain a stable lifestyle. Others look for a better government. The United States would be a phenomenal place to live in because it meets all of these factors. The United States of America consists of fifty states in total in North America with multiple states on the coast. This gives people a variety of places to choose from to live in. In the northwest the United States has Alaska and Hawaii present in the Pacific…show more content…
There are laws for a slight crime to a massive one. Society does not have to worry about criminals getting away with a crime because there is laws put in place and authorities to enforce them. It is not a free for all in the streets and chaos everywhere there is law enforcement. The laws apply to everyone, citizen or not, justice for all. According to the (“Latest Crime Statistics Released,”) violent crimes in America have increased and property crime has decreased. Even though violent crimes have gone up law enforcement have made an impact because they have decreased property crime on the other hand. Jobs being available to people when looking to live in a place or move to is critical to maintain a suitable life. This is a regular paid position. The United States have numberless job opportunities. It is the land of the free, people can become anything they want to be. People have the opportunity to go to school and get a degree to major in their dream job if they wish to. Multiple businesses offer jobs as they come up to the community. People can even open up their own business if they wanted and this creates more job openings. In the United States the numberless amount of jobs can open up to people who work hard for it, it’s all matter of ambition. According to the article (“United States Job Openings”), “the number of jobs openings in the United States rose by 259,000 to an
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