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On November 17th, Glasgow-based indie studio Rhizome Games released their debut title: Loot Hound. It is an overhead exploration/collection title tasking the player with guiding one of three dogs through areas containing loot, all the while avoiding the Park Ranger and other obstacles. In Loot Hound, players assume the role of a compulsive hoarder; aided by his trusty canine companion he scours through local parks in search of that elusive treasure. May it be something mundane like old dirty socks, or something rare and long thought lost to history like the personal belongings of former presidents. Lost Hound's collection mechanic seems to be designed around the notion that one man's garbage is another man's treasure. Lead Game Designer Pete Low--whose previous work includes Dark Summit and Scarface: The World Is Yours--cites Ico and Animal Crossing's mini-games as sources of inspiration for Loot Hound. …show more content…

However, your canine companions distract easily, and it's the players job to anticipate problems before they happen and preemptively nip them in the bud. In addition to the environmental distractions--like flocks of birds--, players also have to evade the Park Ranger. If he spots the player, he commences chasing the treasure-hunters off the grass unless they manage to give him the slip. Over the course of the game, players will get access to three different dogs who each have unique abilities--for instance, Wifi can squeeze through tiny gaps--and upgradable skills. There are 110 collectibles to unearth across ten parks of varying size in Loot

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