Lord Of The Flies By William Golding

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In the novel, “Lord of the Flies”, young English boys turn into savages as a result of their lack of connection with the adult world. After being shot down by a war plane and becoming stranded on a small island, in the South Pacific, the boys decide to build a small society amongst themselves to assure safety and rescue. Unfortunately, their little organization crumbles slowly as more issues begin to pop up and get in the way of the boys’ goals. A major dilemma was about the ‘beast’, or creature, on the island. And to add to this, one of the group’s members, Jack Merridew, brings irrational thoughts about things that are on the island instead of outside of it, which is what the boys should be focusing on. He leads others to think wicked like him and creates his own group that eventually contains the majority population of the island. The novel becomes a feud between savagery and civilization. The beliefs of the beast has affected the boys in many ways but primarily through Jack. At the beginning of the novel, Jack promotes toughness/manliness. This kind of complexion usually requires someone to have a good impression of one, but the boys, as a whole, have no one to impress on the island. Which means the need to look tough is unnecessary and certain things done, just to look powerful, will lead to irrational decisions. When the group was one, he was the only one to criticize Ralph’s leadership. From there, Jack continuously tries to make Ralph look inferior in front of the
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