Lord Of The Flies By William Golding

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In the novel, “Lord of the Flies”, young English boys turn into savages as a result of their lack of connection with the adult world. After being shot down by a war plane and becoming stranded on a small island, in the South Pacific, the boys decide to build a small society amongst themselves to assure safety and rescue. Unfortunately, their little organization crumbles slowly as more issues begin to pop up and get in the way of the boys’ goals. A major dilemma was about the ‘beast’, or creature, on the island. And to add to this, one of the group’s members, Jack Merridew, brings irrational thoughts about things that are on the island instead of outside of it, which is what the boys should be focusing on. He leads others to think wicked…show more content…
“ ‘He’s a coward himself.’ For a moment he paused and then went on. ‘On top , when Roger and me went on- he stayed back.’ “(Golding 126) He is a bit jealous of him not being the group’s leader instead of the current one, Ralph. Jack is obviously lying in this statement to the group, saying that only Ralph stayed behind on the mountain as Roger and he climbed, when it was actually Roger also, at first. His primary purpose was to make Ralph look like a coward in front of the collection of boys, giving him a negative look. He promotes himself and even Roger, which could mean that there is a gesture of a growing, positive relationship between the two. He basically tries to make himself look like a leader, a fearless one, one that the boys can depend on. Jack continues to make trouble for the boys, actually just Ralph and Piggy. Jack’s actions speaks louder than his words as he gains control on the island. Jack’s disperse from the group really sets the tone. “ ‘I’m going off by myself. He can catch his own pigs. Anyone who wants to hunt when I do can come too.’ He blundered out of the triangle toward the drop to the white sand. ” (Golding 127). Firstly, showing that he can survive without the group would be extremely impressive to the boys and that will earn their respect. So in a way, Jack is trying to persuade the boys who believe Ralph should be the leader. Second, he offered several opportunities to benefit from if others join him. That included: food, protection, and
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