Lord Of The Flies Chapter 1 Summary

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“What wrong with that boy Doc, why’s he so afraid to be with the other children?” Inquired the captain.
“He said something about seeing what was behind the paint and to watch for the beast, all sorts of nonsense, I think that island has got his head all screwed up.” Remarked the doctor as he took out his pad. “His vital signs are stable and once we test this blood will see if he’s got a virus of some sort, or it could be that he’s just plain mad, had a nervous breakdown the poor chap.” The doctor shook his head sadly as he reviewed his notes.
“If anything we should worry about those other boys, yelling and fighting each other and asking for meat and a pig so that they can hunt. Kill the pig, slit her throat, bash her in. Now they’re the …show more content…

He took another step and the door slammed behind him. He turned and returned to the door he turned the knob, but the knob would not turn. He heard more giggling high pitched and madding. All around him a swarm of boys threw themselves on top of him holding him down as his hands and feet were bound he could hear someone barking orders.
“Tie him down, don’t let the pig escape, we will have our hunt again!” There was cheering and then an immediate hush Dr. Brown struggled as the boys began to lift themselves from him he tried to cry out, but a mount of cloth was shoved into his mouth. He heard a faint chant and the patter of feet begin to swell around him.
“Kill the pig! Cut his throat! Kill the pig! Bash him in!” The chant continued until one of the savages barked an order and the boys fell silent once again.
“Now that we have our weapons again we can hunt again, the beast is no longer a threat, no longer do we have to share our prize, savages the hunt is ours, once we kill Ralph no one will stop us, we’ll have fun until the game is done!” Dr. Brown recognized the voice the figure when the voice came from grew closer to him and in the pitch black he could not see what the figure held in his hand Dr. Brown struggled and starting dragging himself toward the door.
“Little `uns hold the pig down or I swear one of you will be next,” the figure commanded. The little `uns obeyed

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