Lord Of The Flies Character Analysis Essay

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No government, no adults, just you and others of your same sex and generation trying to create some type of civilization. You must learn to live off the land and live most importantly with each other. Among them. A wild uncivilized gang of boys establishes a great example of anarchy with none to tell them otherwise. They are all alone so no one to turn to in times of violence or disagreeance possibly leading to murder and crime. In Lord of the Flies, Golding represents Simon as the peace and equality in our society he is the one in the book who resorts to compromise rather than conflict such as the way he died with the group completely malling him thus killing him. Simon is the one and only one of the group able to clear his eyes to the …show more content…

Simon realizes that there is no actual beast besides that of themselves and Simon is able to recognize that and know that he keeps his sanity not contributing to being part of that beast. “What I mean is maybe it's only us.”(Golding, 89). Simon is saying that the best rather than some rabid animal is the boys themselves. Simon does not want to be labeled as part of the beast so he tries to do good rather than bad and be the one to have a resolution to problems rather than contribute negatively to them, such problems being that the group is completely blind to the fact they are a cancer to their own cause. There are not many selfless people in this world live in now but simon truly is one of the very few he always puts others needs before his own. Simon represents his selflessness flawlessly by reaching fruit the littluns could not. Simon sees the littleuns trying to reach some fruit and sees that they could not reach it he could have been selfish and just took the fruit for himself but he grabs it for them and gives them the fruit. “Simon found for them the fruit they could not pull, pulled off the choicest from up in the foiledge.”(Golding,56). The littleuns can not do many things because of size and Simon steps up and lends them a hand. Simon puts people before himself not being selfish and being aware of others around him. Simon is a courageous, aware, intelligent, selfless, peaceful,

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