Lord Of The Flies: Community Comes From Chaos

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Community Comes From Chaos
“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” When FDR said this at his inaugural address, he impacted millions without realizing it. Although it was originally meant to help ease the worry of millions of Americans during the Great Depression (in a time of chaos), it still applies to today and will continue to apply for years to come. It applies with the 2016 election, as many people believe that Trump won not because he was the better candidate, but because he played to people’s fears in a time of disorder. It even applies to Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, when a community of boys are stranded on an island alone and attempt to make their own civilization. It also occurs in “Night Surf,” a short story by Stephen King about a group of lone teenagers who
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Fear made the kids in “Pilgrims”, a short story by Julie Oppinger, cover up Peter’s accidentally killed sister, Claire, with “twigs, Spanish moss, leaves, anything they could find” (Oppinger 20) and say nothing to their parents because they were afraid of what Peter would do to them. Fear and its effect is not new. Humans often find themselves in situations of chaos and confusion, in both literature and real life. They end up becoming fearful of the unknown and what could happen and worry for their safety. Because humans crave order and peace, they find groups of other people to give them a sense of security. When one is in chaos, one will join communities out of fear and knowingly commit negative actions for them in order to fulfill a sense of security through justification.
In a situation of disorder and disarray, people will become a part of a group and carry out harmful actions along with that community out of fear. This is a huge aspect of the novel Lord of the Flies. The community of boys changes during their time on the island. Sam and Eric, at the very end of the novel end up joining Jack's side, not out of agreement with
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