Lord Of The Flies Essay

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He listened to the muffled cries of the men being killed in the halls. He knew that they would soon come for him. He armed himself with what he could find: a small nail filer. With this he could only wound anyone who approached him. He knew that the beast inside the boys would soon hunt him down like it had hunted Piggy, Simon, and the little boy who disappeared on the first day they had arrived on the island. He could hear them getting closer, their quiet shuffling so very different from the original whoops and cheers he had heard on the island when they successfully killed a pig. However, what they hunted now was not pigs, but men, grown men who he thought would have been able to bring order back to the boys, but no order can be brought …show more content…

Jack stepped forward to the foot of the bed. His paint was starting to flake off in places and fade in others from his sweat and his hands were covered in blood. In fact, most of the boys were covered in blood. Even the littluns were covered in it, although the bigguns were a lot worse. Jack laughed and spoke, “Well, here is the pig the one who has eluded us for so long. Kill the pig, slit his throat, bash him in.” He chanted as he moved to the side of the bed. Ralph held up his hand and Jack stopped. “First, you kill a pig, then you killed Simon, you killed Piggy and you have killed most of the crew. How many more people will you kill?” Ralph questioned Jack staring at his cold face, he stared deep into his eyes and saw something, fear, uncertainty. “Before you kill me I want to show you something and I want to see Piggy’s glasses I know you still have them.” Ralph stared at him as he took out of his pocket a piece of the conch shell, it was jagged on the edges and the creamy whiteness had been dulled from being covered in fuzzles from his pocket. Jack reluctantly passed the broken and twisted glasses to Ralph. “This is all we have left of Piggy, he never did anything to us, he only offered advice, and darn good advice it was. How could we be so savage as to kill another human being in cold blood. Jack I heard it in your voice, you’re afraid, when the officer came you changed, you no longer want to kill so why are you killing.” Ralph stared at Jack

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