Lord Of The Flies : Evil : A Natural Desire?

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Evil: A Natural Desire? Imagine a society where there are no rules or order. What would living there be like? Would it be successful? In the novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding, a society without stable rules and order is put to the ultimate test. Ralph and the other characters in the novel put the importance of rules and order to the test when they are stranded on an island alone, without adults, and without any of the structure of civilization they are accustomed to having in their day to day lives. In the novel Lord of the Flies, Golding uses Ralph as a character to show that order and structure are a necessity for a society to function properly; and that the Id can easily take over the superego and return society to its primitive nature. Within a functional society rules are a key aspect to allow for a thriving society. Lost on an island in the pacific it is up to the boys in Lord of the Flies to create and maintain rules in an effort to establish a functioning society. Throughout the novel the notion of rules are challenged by other characters, such as Jack, as they further remove themselves from the last notions of society. This is seen in Ralph’s response to Jack challenging his authority and insistence on maintaining rules and order. Ralph continues to insist this, “Because the rules are all we’ve got”(Golding 91). Ralph’s constant reassurance on rules and order is what allowed him to hold onto the aspects of society that shaped and taught him what is

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