Lord Of The Flies Fear

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In Lord of the Flies by Golding, fear is a prevalent theme that recurs a number of times. Fear is most recurring with the character Jack and the way he uses fear to manipulate the group into staying together and doing things they wouldn't normally do. At the beginning of the book, the group is being held together by Ralph's sense of reassurance that the group is going to be rescued, although it is arguable that the group is also held together by the fear that Jack puts into them. Jack is leading alongside Ralph and has a bit of a different turn on how to rule a group as opposed to Ralph's way. Furthermore, Jack exclaims that if there is a beast, he and his hunters will be there to fight him. Another obvious reason why they need to stay together. …show more content…

If you had been alone in the jungle, with the thought that something might be out there to get you, the sound of shelter, protection and food sounds very appealing. Which is a strategy jack uses in order to gain more followers in his group. These are adult promises which appeal to the children. They are afraid that if they do not join his group, they will suffer. But before he gets to making his own group, he weakens Ralph’s ability to create a sense a security by saying,”’He’s not a hunter. He’d never have got us meat. He isn’t perfect, and we don’t know anything about him’” (83) Jack says this to make a point that Ralph isn’t fit to lead the group, he is creating fear in the children's minds that they won't be safe under Ralph’s watch. Once Jack has the attention of some of the children and gained their loyalty he sets rules in place. “‘We’ll hunt. I’m going to be chief. [...] And about the beast. [...] Forget the beast. And another thing. We shan't dream so much down here.’” (133) At that point it seems as if jack is trying to eliminate some of that fear from the kids to build strong hunters on his side. The children are afraid. Once jack degrades Ralph in front of them, they are afraid of inadequate safety, which they now feel that jack can provide. Fear is evident in the children at this point in the

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