Lord Of The Flies Research Paper

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William Golding, born September 19th, 1911, based his book, “Lord of the Flies”, on experiences from his own life. When he was only twelve, William attempted to write a novel and failed, taking out his emotions on his peers. One could parallel this reaction to the behavior of the lost children in his book. Later in life he became a teacher and eventually quit to join the Royal Army, though writing was still on his mind. After several rejections from different publishers, Faber & Faber finally took on “Lord of the Flies” in 1954, recognizing its important reflections on people in general. There are several themes portrayed in “Lord of the Flies”, but the most significant is that of human nature. “The theme is an attempt to trace the defects of society back to the defects of human nature.” In the book, the boys were let loose on a deserted island without …show more content…

His actions in the military, which now days as well as during his service, are looked upon as honorable. Golding participated in several naval battles and even commanded a landing ship during the Normandy Landing in WWII. Actions that would be looked upon in horror in our daily lives were suddenly encouraged in a time of war. He kept going, pushing to find if man is good or evil. Golding came to the conclusion that society molds man to be good or evil. Golding underwent the same transformation that the group in his book did. This transformation, another theme of the book, is the loss of innocence. The moral of “Lord of the Flies” was a reflection of his thoughts and opinions of humankind. More specifically, it explored the crumbling of society at the loss of order, the loss of restrictions. It doesn’t take much for people to descend back to the savagery that once defined us before the use of order and law. Golding died on June 19th, 1993, though a part of him and all of us lives on in “Lord of the

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