Lord Of The Flies Society Analysis

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Lord of the Flies
In life, there are a lot of things that hold people back from doing what they want to do. One of the major things is the laws of society. William Golding’s novel, Lord of the flies, illustrates what would happen without society. After the plane crashes on the abandoned island during World War Two, a group of british boys are left alone to survive and fight for their ife. When the boys are first dropped off on the island, they still have their civilized behavior with them. It changes significantly throughout the novel. Goldings intentions in writing the novel is to show how men are born evil but rely on society to be kept in check. Without the necessary structure for everyday life that the industrialized world provides the boys find that, with the lack of punishment or consequences for their actions, why not do whatever they want. Losing all care of responsibility and only care about providing themselves personal gratification. “They ate most of the day, picking fruit wherever they could reach it and not particular about ripeness or quality. They were used now to stomach aches and a form of chronic diarrhea.” “Apart from food and sleep, they only found time to play, aimless and trivial, in the white sand by the bright water.” This passage conveys the lack of motivation that the boys have. It presents them as lazy and unambitious, having adapted to their current environment and have no internal conflict or problems with being stuck on a deserted

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