Lord Of The Flies Society Essay

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Society is a man made system that allows humans to have an orderly life, and it is important because of its provision of betterment of the world. It is essential for the world to have an organizational system like society, considering that we would struggle to better our lives without someone to take charge or lead us. Feral children are children who lack exposure to society and its factors. They do not experience society like most people do. Because of this, they tend to act wild and abnormal in comparison to normal social standards. In the book Lord of the Flies, the boys stranded on an island lack an organized society. Without society and social skills, it would be hard to find a way to better lives. We would not feel a need to fix the…show more content…
The conch keeps the meetings and even simple conversations in orderly terms. When its purpose begins to get ignored, more conflict arises. Ralph keeps hold of the conch even in times full of fear. In the text, it is stated, "He could see the whiteness in the gloom near him so he grabbed it from Maurice and blew as loudly as he could," (Golding, 88). While all of the boys are filled with fear about the talk of the beast, Ralph wants to keep them calm and keep matters controlled. The conch does help him to easily call meetings for the group, and it helps to keep society present amongst the boys. However, when the fear overcomes the peace that the boys have so far, the orderliness begins to deteriorate. Ralph tries his best to control the situation, but losing touch of a truly experienced society has made the boys struggle with staying calm and rational. The boys let of any sense of morals and obligations that they had gathered so far in their childhoods slip right out of their hands, and most of the boys let hunting and savagery become their top
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