Lord Of The Flies Theodicy Theme Analysis

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I. Introduction
The story of Adam and Eve is similar to “Lord of the Flies.” Adam and Eve were faced with evil and had free will to decide what to do. This paper will explore the theme of theodicy and evil and how it is shown and overcome throughout William Golding’s famous book “Lord of the Flies.” The story is centered around boys surrounded by evil, and how it affects them while on the island. I will be exploring and analyzing the effect of free will, being engulfed by evil, the beast, Roger and Jack and the effect they have on the story.
II. Background
According to Dr. X, theodicy is “the attempt to articulate the problem of evil.” The story starts with the introduction of Ralph and Piggy. The two boys are stuck on a deserted island with no adults, or any sign of civilization. Ralph and Piggy find a conch on the shoreline and Ralph blows into it trying to signal the other boys. Boys from all over flock towards Ralph. Together, all these boys were on a plane being evacuated from England where a war was taking place and where a nuclear bomb was believed to be detonated. Their plane was shot down when they crash landed on the island. Ralph, the oldest of the boys, is made leader and he begins to form a civilization. However, his attempt was short lasted as savagery begins to fill the minds of the boys. Life on the island was going well for a short time until all hell broke loose and any hope of the boys being civil was dead, except for Ralph, Piggy, Simon and a few others.

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