Lord Of The Glies And The Lord Of The Flies By William Golding

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Jocelyn Magdaleno
2nd&3rd Period
Growing Pains of Government

Through the course of United States history, the country has had to process through the establishment of how to function as a unified group. Post the Revolutionary War, men came together to refine what they saw as the best course of action in keeping their independence whole. Similarly, in the novel, Lord of the Flies by William Golding, a group of boys were left to survive after their plane crashed. Without the control of adults, the boys created their own establishment of rules and expectations. The growing pains that both the United States and boys in Lord of the Flies underwent shared many comparative features. This response will seek to evaluate the growing pains and how they shaped what we know to be true today. These two interesting stories that tragic parts of the story, have many similar things and different things with each other. Let us start off with the many things they have in common with each other, in my opinion, these two were made to have a place to speak. “The Lord of the Flies” had many group discussions about the leaders and rules that everyone must obey. The constitution has many cons of the situations they had back then, like, Limited Rights for Non-White Men to vote, No General Taxation, two out of three supporters needed to pass a law, and the representatives per state population was varied. Those were a few listed things that weren't the best decisions . As well of

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