Lord Of The Flies Constitution Analysis

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Braven Sanchez



Mrs. Buffleben
Lord of the Flies and our Constitution
William Golding represents the role of government and creating the constitution in his novel, “Lord of the Flies”. A story about a group of children stranded on an island struggling to survive. In order to do so, they create their own government to survive and hold everything together. Although this novel explains society, government and creating the constitution, it also has many differences.

Both governments had that one leader that held everything together. In the novel, the main leader was Ralph. Ralph represented many things like great leadership, and law and order. And the main leader throughout U.S. history was George Washington. And the thing that held everything together were rules. Law and order was so important in both governments. No law and order equaled failing government. In the book, the kids realized there were no adults which meant no rules. As explained in claim five, when law and order slip away humans go back to their more primitive parts of their nature. In the book, Jack disobeyed the rules and never listened. Thus making him more independent, and making their “government” fail or fall apart. As stated in the history book, People weren’t respecting rules, which caused some downfall in society. Thus causing shay’s rebellion. In the book, “Lord of the Flies” by William golding, Jack disobeyed the rules and created his own tribe. Now their governments were becoming

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