Lord of the Flies - Loss of Humanity

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Humanity and how easily it can be lost
Humanity is fragile and can shatter under the pressure of isolation and lack of basic infrastructure. Everyone needs a certain amount of security in their environment; it is generally thought that no matter what your surroundings, you are who you are. Although in reality without that security you derive from your settings people have a hard time retaining their normal, stable mindset. The humane, logical side of everyone can be manipulated by the influence of their environment, the order and structure, or lack thereof, which surrounds them and the absence of an authoritative presence in their day to day lives.
Whether you have the constant and stable environment you are accustomed to can determine …show more content…

The lack of adult authority drives the children in the novel to attempt to make important decisions which affect the entirety of the group and in the end cause a rift between the two groups. Jacks group, of course, becomes even more savage after the split and lose their humanity even more. “The three boys stood in the darkness, striving unsuccessfully to convey the majesty of adult life.” (Golding, 102) This conveys the boys’ desire for an authority figure on the island and how it would

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