Losing The Right Of Vote

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Losing the right to vote When felons are incarcerated they lose many privileges. From visiting to phone privileges, inmates lose the freedom to do whatever they please. Among those lost privileges is the right to vote. So far inmates are denied the right to vote in 46 states. In 14 states felons are denied the right to vote for the rest of their lives (Fagin, 2014, p. 237). Losing the right to vote is a form of banishment used to punish the inmate for his or her actions. Some people think race is involved in this issue but race really has nothing to do with this, while minorities may make up most of the prison population in the end anyone who is a felon will be denied the right to vote regardless of their race. Unfortunately, these …show more content…

(Chapman, 2006) If felons are trusted with rejoining society they can be trusted to vote for our leaders as well. After all, they did their time and paid for what they did; they should be given back the right to vote.
The right to vote is a privilege and just like every other privilege it can be taken away if we break the rules. While race was an issue in the past it is no longer an issue today when it comes to voting, any U.S. citizen today regardless of race can vote for whomever he or she wants, unless they get in trouble with the law that is. While people do get in trouble here and there I still believe that inmates should get a second chance after they’re released. Just like privileges are taken away they can also be returned after learning the lesson. Ex-convicts should be given back their right to vote after all they’re people, too right?
Mandatory and Good Time Release Mandatory release is the need by law to release a prisoner after they have served their entire maximum sentence. Good time credit/release is a strategy used to credit inmates with extra days served toward early release. It’s used to encourage inmates to obey the rules in prison (Fagin, 2014, p. 256-257).
One way inmates can receive or apply good time credit to their release is by having good behavior. By simply obeying the rules inmates can add good

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