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If you could meet anyone in the entire world, who would you want to choose? Certainly, there are plenty of options, but after reading my book “Lost Boy, Lost Girl,” by John Bul Dau and Martha Arual Akech, I would want to meet John because of his determination for survival, and the way he gives back to the people in his home country, I certainly admire that. Also, I would ask questions to John because of how strong he is. For example, he lost his parents, saw his tribe burn to the ground, and had to become the leader of a large group of children, only at the age of 13! Lastly, I would want to meet and ask John questions because of his intelligence through a time like this. For example, on page 82, John is able to distinguish the different engine noises between the Northern Sudanese planes and the UN planes giving them food, clothes, and medicine. This is amazing to me because in a time like this, a person that is able to distinguish the different types of plane engine noises is very key for survival. …show more content…

Another question I would ask is “What was it like to be a leader of a tribe of small children?” With this question, I would understand the responsibilities that John had to deal with, being the leader of a tribe full of kids younger than him. My final question would be “What was life like before the war?” I would ask this question because I really would like to know John’s life before the war started, and how the possibilities for outcomes are almost endless. Would John have come to America if there wasn’t a Second Sudanese Civil War? Would John’s personalities change if there was no war? Would John have ever met Martha if there was no war? We can never find out these

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